Our Reader, Your Customer

Our reader, your customer

• 29,472 ABC (Jul-Dec 2018)
• On sale every month, 12 issues a year
• Average of 53 years old
• 49% of readers are aged between 35 and 55
• Average household income of £49k (£18k more than the national average)
• 86% female
• 91% of readers have either bought something, or are planning to buy something as a result of Modern Gardens
• 80% of our readers are ABC1
• 51% consider themselves as ‘Improved/Keen Gardeners’
• 70% agreed Modern Gardens has more influence on their final decision on a product than any other gardening magazine
• Our readers spent £49.3 million on their gardens in the last 12 months

What our readers are saying about us:

“I am a keen gardener but appreciated the more informal, quirkiness of Modern Gardens. I have bought other gardening magazines in the past but found them dry and factual. I know garden as extra rooms is not a new idea but it seems to have been more fully embraced in this magazine. I especially like the projects and the idea that I can make something individual for my garden.”
“I've really started to enjoy my garden this year and have often found other gardening magazines quite intimidating- this magazine blends my love of colour, design & now gardening.”
“It is great for those new to gardening, with excellent tips and guides. Genius ideas for making our gardens a beautiful place to enjoy. Definitely not your usual boring gardening magazine. Something new and exciting for an old gardener.”
“Every time you turn a page there is another good idea, or a design challenge, or something to tempt one to buy.”
“It's easy to read, lots of tips, attractive, user friendly and very inspirational. I am now excited about gardening and can't keep myself away from garden centres.”

Modern Gardens is talking to a new, younger, affluent and enthusiastic gardening audience, will you too?

Source – Sales figures are from EPOS data, all other statements sourced from Bauer Research and Nectar loyalty card data.