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Why choose Landscape magazine

LandScape magazine celebrates life at nature's pace. Capturing the best of every season with inspiring garden ideas, seasonal home cooking, a celebration of traditional British crafts, history and heritage and great British holiday locations. In all that we do we echo the wonder of our native wildlife and reflect the natural charm of the countryside.

Landscape sets itself apart from other lifestyle titles with its in-depth, informative and intelligently written features, stunning photography, and a celebration of nature's simple beauty. Since its 2012 launch, LandScape has also been able to boast the fastest growing subscription base in Bauer's magazine portfolio, currently totalling 13,674 subscribers*.

Our audience are women with both time and money to spend on their interests, whether it be gardening, travel, craft, cookery or exploring the outdoors. They appreciate good quality brands and are always interested in products handmade by traditional artisans or makers. Over 70% of our readership holiday in the UK every year. This is an influential audience who purchase high end garden furniture and equipment, stylish home wares, outdoor clothing and accessories, holidays and quality artisan products.

*Source: ABC Jan-Dec 2015