Our Reader, Your Customer

Our Reader, Your Customer
On the back of an editorial refresh, increased marketing activity and a new design, Garden Answers has been going from strength to strength, with a 4th consecutive annual ABC* increase this August. Below you’ll find more information about who we reach, what they spend, how they garden and more about what they can mean to your business.

• 40,296 copies sold every issue (ABC* Jul-Dec 2018)
• On sale every 4 weeks, 13 issues a year
• Average of 62 years old
• Average household income of £34k
• 75% ABC1
• 78% Female
• They’ve been interested in gardening for an average of 25 years and are active all year round. 97% garden at least once a week in the summer months and 72% in the winter.
• Combined, they spent £18 million on their gardens in the last year.
• Quality is their primary concern when buying new plants and gardening products.
• 85% agree that gardening magazines are the most influential source when choosing products

Garden Answers can now be found in 366 more supermarkets and newsagents than it could in 2013, are you talking to our new audience?
Source – Circulation sourced from audited ABC certification, all other statements sourced from TGI, NRS and Bauer Research

*What does ABC mean to me?

ABC stands for Audit Bureau of Circulation. It is an advertiser’s guarantee that a magazine such as Garden News has had its circulation independently verified and that the figures given to you can be trusted and confirmed by a certificate. Any publisher can apply to become a member of ABC. It costs the publisher around £500 to have their titles ABC’d, which to many publishers, including Bauer, is seen as an investment instead of an outlay. There are some publishing companies that choose not to be members of ABC. This could be down to the cost or the fact their title is not producing the copy sales that it claims to be.

If you choose to be involved with a non ABC’d title then you do not have any guarantees regarding its circulation figure and please be aware that print-run figures are not an accurate guideline. Choosing the lowest rate may seem like a wise business decision but, if you choose a magazine without an ABC, you can’t be sure you’ll reach a guaranteed number of potential customers. In some cases paying a slightly higher rate but having a guaranteed circulation gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly how many potential customers you are reaching. At Bauer we believe that ABC is extremely important to our titles as we and other publishers measure our success by how well our circulation figures are performing.