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Why Choose Garden Answers...

Garden Answers is the magazine for gardening enthusiasts who want planting ideas, design inspiration and friendly expert advice to create a beautiful garden all year round. As champions of guilt-free gardening, each issue features seasonal plants to buy, practical jobs for the month, cash-clever ways to save time and money, and beautiful reader gardens packed with ideas to inspire.

It offers you the perfect opportunity to educate enthusiast gardeners about your brands and services. These readers are looking for inspiration and are keen to expand their gardening knowledge so they can improve their garden each year, creating their own private haven, packed with beautiful plants for year-round colour and interest.

It is also a rapidly growing audience, having posted its 9th year of consecutive ABC growth. Garden Answers is currently boasting a circulation of 34,688 per issue (July-Dec 2017), up 21.9% since 2012, making it the UKs fastest growing gardening monthly!