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Why Choose Garden News...

Garden News may be 55 years old but its as fresh as a daisy!

A radical makeover at the beginning of 2013 took it from tabloid newspaper to A4 glossy magazine and reinvented this established perennial into one of the most successful and fastest-growing titles in the UK today.

Circulation has grown faster than weeds on an allotment! It has grown by a staggering 28.2% since 2012 and holds the number one spot in the highly competitive weekly gardening market.

Since 1958, weve brought keen gardeners tried, tested and authoritative advice as well as all the latest gardening news from a team of trusted, knowledgeable experts, delivering it in our trademark down-to-earth, friendly style.

Our audience of hands-on gardeners are not afraid to get dirt under their fingernails to create the garden of their dreams. These active gardeners grow their own fruit and veg as well as ornamentals and flowers and need gardening products to help them achieve their desired end result. This is an audience whose purchases you can influence, from quality tools and machinery right through to compost, plant labels and string!