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Why Choose Car Mechanics

99% of Car Mechanics readers look at the adverts in magazines (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

76% have visited a website as a result of seeing a magazine advert in the last month! (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

96% have bought something motoring related after seeing an advert in a magazine (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

85% state that other people ask for their advice on motoring (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

61% have careers as board directors, senior management, highly qualified professionals or junior managers (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

They have been interested in cars for an average of 28 years (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

85% of our audience are ABC1 (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

They spend an average of 10.8 hours a week involved in their passion for cars (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

They own an overage of 1.8 cars each (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

They last bought a car 3.3 years ago (Source: Bauer Ad-focus 2012)