It’s been called ‘the mouthpiece of the classic car movement’ and, even in this digital age, it is still the first port of call for anyone looking to buy a bargain classic car. But apart from more fresh – and unique – classified ads in print every week than anywhere else, what makes Classic Car Weekly the biggest-selling classic title in Britain, reaching almost 100,000 readers every four weeks?
Incisive journalism, great photography and well-researched buying advice are part of the mix. So too are opinionated columnists such as Andrew Roberts, Richard Gunn, Nick Larkin, Richard Heseltine and TV’s Steve Berry. Classic Car Weekly – or CCW to its readers – has always had a campaigning ethos, whether it is speaking out against the hated scrappage scheme or fighting for the rights of classic car owners to continue driving their cherished cars wherever and whenever they want.
CCW fans each have their own favourite sections of the newspaper. Club News is a must-read for keen club members, while the comprehensive Events listings let classic car owners plan their diaries with great shows occurring almost every week. The Car’s the Star is a nostalgic reminder of how car culture has influenced film and television history. And Men Behind the Machines reveals the true heroes who worked, often tirelessly and behind-the-scenes, to create the cars we love.
CCW is packed with classics. We road test them, report on them and cover every aspect of the classic car movement. Journalists working on the newspaper are all classic fans and write about their own cars every week, reporting on the trials, tribulations and successes of their own heritage cars. And as befits a newspaper full of classic cars on offer every week, we report on the cars that for sale in our pages, giving a real insight into the vehicles available in the market. Why? Because we describe the cars as we find them, without fear and without favour, informed by a lifetime of knowledge and experience.
Why wouldn't you want to be a part of this? Miss Classic Car Weekly and you miss out!

Dave Richards