Classic Car Weekly is the number one place to look for the latest classics for sale and catch up with all the news affecting the cars that you love.
This award-winning publication is packed with expert consumer analysis of the hot topics affecting Britain’s thriving classic car movement, plus details of the latest market trends, auction buys and event dates. CCW’s experts include Fuzz Townshend, who gets under the skin of classic cars and explores the engineering behind what makes them so great, Nick Larkin, who brings an era when British cars ruled the roads back to life, and Richard Hudson-Evans, who crunches the numbers to bring you the latest information on the classic car market first.
Classic Car Weekly also gets behind the wheel of the latest classic cars that you can buy, reviewing them authoritatively and without fear or favour. Mods and Consequences reveals the top tweaks to make your pride and joy even better to drive, and in Expert Buyer we show exactly where to look for the best deals, and what to expect for your money. Every issue is packed with buying tips too, covering everything from pre-war gems to modern classic heroes.
Our Out and About pages also take you to the best events across the UK and Europe in, and bring you the best cars, pictures and stories from them. Then there’s our hugely popular The Way We Were series, which brings street scenes from decades gone by to life with detailed analysis of cars used on an everyday basis from the 1950s to the 1990s.
We just don’t write about classics at CCW – we live and breathe them, too. Every week we bring you the ups and downs of buying, running and owning our own cars - from Austin Cambridges to Mazda MX-5s, we love the same cars that you do and know what they’re like to live with.
Whether you’re on the lookout for your next classic, or already have one in the garage ready for its next adventure, you won’t want to miss CCW.

David Simister