Why Choose LRO?

The LRO reader has an average household income of £49k (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

They are hugely passionate about Land Rovers and spend an average of 11 hours a week involved with their passion for Land Rovers (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

78% agree that Land Rover magazines are the most influential source when choosing products (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

99% look at the adverts in magazines (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

98% have visited a website as a result of seeing a magazine advert (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

94% have bought something Land Rover-related after seeing an advert in a magazine (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

83% of Land Rover Owner International magazine buyers state that other people ask for their advice on Land Rovers (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

A third of LRO buyers donít buy any other Land Rover magazines (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)

The workshop features and reviews are among the main reasons for buying LRO (Source:Bauer Ad-focus 2012)