Circulation Figures

33,484 (Source Jan-Dec 2017 release Feb 2018)

424,000 (Source NRS AIR Oct 16 - Sept 17)

Why is ABC so important?

Classic Cars feels that it is important to make existing and potential advertisers aware of the importance of ABC and how it affects your business decisions.

What does ABC mean to me?

ABC stands for Audit Bureau of Circulation. It is an advertiser’s guarantee that a magazine such as Classic Cars has had its circulation independently verified and that the figures given to you can be trusted and confirmed by a certificate. Any publisher can apply to become a member of ABC. It costs the publisher around £500 to have their titles ABC’d, which to many publishers, including Bauer, is seen as an investment instead of an outlay. There are some publishing companies that choose not to be members of ABC. This could be down to the cost or the fact that their title is not producing the copy sales it claims.

How does this affect my advertising?

If you choose to be involved with a non-ABC’d title then you do not have any guarantees regarding its circulation figure and should be aware that print-run figures are not an accurate guideline. Choosing the lowest rate may seem like a wise business decision, but, if you choose a magazine without an ABC, you can’t be sure you’ll reach a guaranteed number of potential customers. In some cases paying a slightly higher rate but having a guaranteed circulation gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how many potential customers you are reaching. At Bauer we believe that ABC is extremely important to our titles, as we and other publishers measure our success by how well our circulation figures are performing.