Why Choose Model Rail?

Model Rail is the fastest growing modelling magazine and has more subscribers than any other modelling title.

Out of an average circulation of 30,375 readers per issue,12,331 of these are from subscription sales. With 96% of subscribers renewing their subscriptions on expiry - this is testement that Model Rail readers rate the title when it comes to sourcing information to enrich their hobby.

In addition to the ABC , Bauer has commissioned its own reader research to obtain an indepth insight into who the readers are.
AD-focus is Bauerís bespoke research project to uncover the value of its specialist audiences.

Some Interesting Facts

Model Readers spent £19,609,754 on their hobby last year
97% have brought something for their modelling interests after seeing an advert in our magazine
99% have visited a website as a result of seeing it in a magazine in the last 12 months
Our readers pick up each issue on average 10 times

To download the full AD-focus report for Model Rail please click here

What our readers say

"The magazine content is in my opinion the best of all the monthly model railway magazines"

"Your critical reviews are by a long way the very best of any magazine"