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What Bike? is the UK’s most consumer focused motorcycle buyer’s guide. Aimed squarely at new and existing riders looking for a definitive guide to what new bikes are available, and where the best value lies in the used bike market, What Bike? features extensive listings and reviews from the expert team of road testers at MCN.

The bike listings – covering over 300 new motorcycles in every issue – include licence categories to help riders identify the bikes they are entitled to ride, as well as a wealth of insight from the What Bike? team about each bike’s merits.

Released in fully updated form twice a year, What Bike? goes into depth on all the year’s new models, as well as featuring expert kit reviews highlighting the best helmets, boots, gloves, riding kit and accessories you can buy, all used by the MCN team throughout thousands of miles of testing.

What Bike? also includes longer road test reviews on significant new and used bikes, a Used Buyer’s Guide with WB?’s pick of the best bikes in eight different categories from 125cc to super tourers, plus regular features on both advanced training for experienced riders, and advice and guidance for new licence holders – or those looking to get into biking.
What Bike? is the UK bike buyer’s bible.

Richard Newland, Editor