Online advertising now offers limitless ways of getting your brand out there and with you can go that step further by specifically targeting the people you want to talk to.

Motorcycle News hold the email addresses of over 275,000 UK based motorcyclists.
This data has been collected from subscribers, competition entrants and users of MCN Compare who have opted in to receive third party commercial messages.
This data can be segmented in variety of different ways including the gender, age and postcode of the recipient as well as the make, model, engine size or age of their bike.
By drilling the data down using these segmentations wastage is reduce and response rates increased.

The table below shows how much more response an email to the MCN database receives when compared to other data options.

Type of EmailAverage Open RatesAverage Click to Open Rates
Targeted MCN Data23.57%9.16%
Bauer Media Data18.98%7.01%
Generic Publisher Data16.51%6.05%
Generic Marketing Data10.94%5.66%