Why choose Performance Bike?

The average reader earns 40K per annum, 55% are ABC1's (Source: Bauer research)

96% of readers are male with an average age of 46 years (Source: Bauer research)

Readers spent 50 million on gear last year. (Source: Bauer research)

Readers spend 12 hours a week engaged with motorcycling. (Source: Bauer research)

Influence our reader and they will influence the market; every month our readers engage in 254,000 conversations about motorcycling
(Source: Bauer Research)

85% own a supersport or sport / tourer, and 20% own a naked style of motorcycle. (Source: Bauer research)

Almost two thirds have bought something as a result of seeing it in PB. (Source: Bauer research)

83% of all purchasers state that motorcycle magazines are most influential when looking for advice. (Source: Bauer research)